Kate-Margret New Music Video Production Project

I finally released my new dream single & I'm asking for your help to finish last production steps of my music video for this single ! Pledges of any amount is extremely appreciated. Thank you all so so much for all of your support! After releasing the new single "I Kiss You In My Dreams" and having put together a teaser i began to work on the full music video and everything that is required. Check out the song preview ! "I Kiss You in My Dreams" Thank you so much to everyone who's been ordering my songs. I appreciate all of your support! :) Working on this music video has really been a learning step for me. From choosing my filming team, to spending time in Miami recording with such talented people, & getting everything together. It's been such an exhilaration experience. I've been blessed with the opportunities that I've been given to share my music with you. Getting me on YouTube and then transitioning that into amazing music videos my music and passion have opened many doors in my life and I will continue to use my passion and drive to share some of me & my music with you! With your help, I'll be able to spread my music even more!! Here is the Teaser ! Check out my Official Kickstarter Page for more details ! Thank You !


admin October 2, 2015 03:28 pm
I Kiss You In My Dreams NOW Available on iTunes Fight Night (Animation)


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